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Customised by you


Our private studio
available exclusively for you

We have had the pleasure to live stream everything from grand worldwide kick-offs, customer events, debates & interviews, annual full-day events, seminar-series to morning shows.


From 5000 attendees to 10 persons live broadcasts, remote to hybrid events and studio only editions to all in between. With everything included and state-of-the art equipment at your disposal, your own event broadcast as a TV level experience is not far away. All in your own branding and profiling. This studio caters our own events and is built with the DNA of B2B events in mind. 5 stages, 10-camera-system, professional light, sound, audio and everything you need for presentation.

We are happy to support your content marketing needs in between our own production and give you our professional input in making your event and profiling a success.

Full Studio Access


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Get in touch now and let us help you deliver an exceptional conference experience that drives innovation and growth for your organization.

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